Chrome & Woo Commerce Bug Fix

Its turns out the latest version of Chrome (44) doesn't play well with Woo Commerce. Any WordPress websites using Woo Commerce which are not serving content over HTTPS will be greeted with an ugly un-styled version of their site

Benefits of using Icon fonts

Icon fonts are the new way to include vector based icons on a website. They’re not like normal fonts; they use symbols, compared to normal fonts which include letters and numbers.

WordPress Verbra Import

My client was using Verbra to manage their properties and wanted to improve on their current site, which used Verbra’s own website to host the properties details.

My Development Tools

As a freelance web designer and web developer, I use a variety of tools when developing websites.  This article aims to introduce you to these tools and tell you a little about what they do.

Giddy up: Improve Speed and Performance of WordPress

Websites run across a multitude of devices on a variety of different speeds. With Google punishing slow loading websites, it has never been so important to optimise the performance of your website.

WordPress Security

WordPress is used by more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites making it a popular target for hackers. I’ve listed the security measures I adopt when building a custom WordPress website:

Linked Data

A great talk on the possibilities of linked data. I have my doubts whether this would ever happen as data is worth too much money.

Why you need a freelance web designer, not an agency.

You’ve decided you need a website, or need to make significant improvements to an existing one or maybe even a complete overhaul and now you have to begin the sometimes difficult and arduous task of hiring a web developer.

2013 Google Summary

Nice way of summing up 2013.

Magento for online retailers

Magento sounds like some strange colourful science fiction character found in the movies but don’t be fooled; Magento is a fully functioning and cleverly designed open source ecommerce software solution for online retailers.