After years of developing websites in WordPress, I’ve decided to switch to Craft CMS. Craft is optimised for custom/bespoke websites, giving designers and developers the freedom to create unique digital experiences.

Craft CMS: The benefits

No Theme

Craft is for developers who like building out their HTML, CSS, and JS by hand. There are not any site builders or pre-built themes to build sites in minutes. This means optimised code and fast loading websites

Intuitive admin interface

Craft offers a clean, simple, easy to use admin interface that makes managing site content easy.


Bugs do exist and some of those will be security related. Craft CMS handle any security related bugs very quickly. Craft’s codebase has been frequently audited by third-party security firms.

Live Preview

Live preview is a powerful, time-saving feature, which lets users see the page their editing. The user can view the console and the website next to each other and see updates in real time

Need help with Craft CMS?

If you need ongoing support or have a project you need help with, please get in touch.

I’m currently working alongside Ravelin, a tech startup, to provide ongoing support and development for their Craft CMS website.

I’m interested in Craft Development