Magento for online retailers

Magento sounds like some strange colourful science fiction character found in the movies but don’t be fooled; Magento is a fully functioning and cleverly designed open source ecommerce software solution for online retailers.

All store owners strive to have a sales orientated, attractive and customer friendly environment, displaying their merchandise to best effect but this is not always easy to achieve for an online retailer.   There are many ecommerce solutions to choose from and it can be difficult to decide which is right for you.  If you are new to online retailing, it is wise to invest in a good website developer, who will help you achieve a cost effective, yet easy to use website for both you and your target audience.

Magento has been around for a number of years and provides a great deal of features, along with many apps and extensions to create, customise and enhance a fully functional ecommerce site.

So why should you choose Magento?

  1. Features:
    It has an impressive list of features including some powerful marketing tools which are simple to use, yet effective at gathering and analysing data to assist the end user to focus their marketing.
  2. Customisation:
    It is flexible and, you guessed it, customizable.  This gives web developers the freedom to use imagination and creativity to design a unique site.
  3. PCI DSS compliance:
    There is whole heap of red tape around today regarding the protection and safety of banking and credit card information. To be honest, it is a bit of a minefield that online retailers have to find their way through but Magento makes it easier by being fully PCI DSS compliant. Further information can be found here.
  4. Scope:
  5. The scope of this software ranges from the new, the small, the fast growing and the large enterprises.  It is global and fully scalable, designed to grow and expand as the end user does.
  6. Open source:
    An open source version is available.  Open source software is free, and we all like free things!  It’s known as the Community Edition and freelance developers can use it, build on it and extend it to suit almost any environment.
  7. Support and Training:
    Magento has a full support team, along with comprehensive training courses.  There is also a large and still growing community following.
  8. Extensions:
    There are thousands of extensions available, contributing to the flexibility of this software.

These are only a few of the benefits of using Magento, there are many more, and I could spout on about them all day to anyone who will listen.  But the biggest benefit of all is ‘it gives the online retailer everything they need and more from an ecommerce solution’