Why you need a freelance web designer, not an agency.

You’ve decided you need a website, or need to make significant improvements to an existing one or maybe even a complete overhaul and now you have to begin the sometimes difficult and arduous task of hiring a web developer. One of the most important factors you should consider is whether you go for freelance or employ an agency. There are various advantages to hiring a freelance web designer over an agency.
Cost and speed: A freelancer is more cost effective than an agency. They have fewer overheads, no management and they are their own boss therefore costs are lower, they are more efficient and as there is no chain of command, they can get things done faster (no more waiting for the approval of the boss!).

Versatility and flexibility: I’m don’t mean how supple they are; You will often find the skill set of a freelancer to be much larger and varied as they will have lots of experience from a wide range of projects. Being their own boss means they are much more flexible and this is great for you. How? They can prioritise their workload and will respond quickly to any problems or questions you have.

Exclusivity: This is a major advantage, particularly in a competitive market. A freelance web designer has the ability to offer you exclusivity, meaning that they will not work with your competitors. An agency is likely to have many clients, meaning they are likely to be working for the competition as well as you. That’s a conflict of interests and that is never good for bottom line.

Smart investment: How can putting money into a freelancer be a smart investment? Think about it. They are their own boss, they are responsible for their own actions, they take immense pride in their work and they, like any other business, need to make a profit. New custom is always welcome but they are also keen to keep the existing ones. The service and work they will provide for you will be to a very high standard, they will resolve issues quickly and effectively, and will take an interest in your business. You won’t be just another company in a large database.

My parting shot should leave you with no doubt about which type of web developer you should be searching for. ‘Building relationships’; There is nothing more effective for your business is working with people you have YOUR business interests foremost in their mind, who get to know you and your business, and who works with you to ensure your business is as successful and profitable as it can be. Relationships like this are hard to find and create in agency and you may find yourself in the same position a few months down the line, wishing you had sought out a freelance web designer in the first place.